BlindShell Classic2 new generation Dutch talking mobile phone with voice control and WhatsApp for the blind, partially sighted and seniors, colour red.

BlindShell Classic 2 new generation quadband mobile phone with voice control and WhatsApp and BlindShell App catalogue for the blind, visually impaired and seniors, black keys and white figures, very simple operation with speech output of all features, large illuminated screen of 46 x 48 mm, adjustable text and contrast, emergency call with located SMS messages by assistance speeddial button, multiple features with voice control e.g. call contact, essential features: call, messages, contacts, calendar, alarm, calculator, color detector, labeldetector, localisation and YouTube, adjustable intonation and speed of voice synthesis, weight 150 grams, dimensions 135,2 x 54,6 x 16,7 mm, color red, including earphones, neckcord, 3 NFC labels, charging dock and USB cable with wall charger, simlockfree.
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