Multifunctional thermometer MyDegrees, wireless Dutch talking for indoor, outdoor and kitchen.

Multifunctional thermometer MyDegrees, wireless, multilingual including Dutch talking multimeter for indoor and outdoor with seperate probe for cooking, baking, roasting, liquids, refrigerator and freezer, range of -29° up to 240°C., display indoor unit with black figures of 15 mm high on green screen, adjustable alarm which announces the 5 last temperatures before the final alarm temperature is reached, volume control, dimensions indoor unit 130 x 60 x 15 mm colour black and outdoor unit 100 x 50 x 15 mm colour white, indoor unit can be hung by magnet, screw or velcro fastener, the outdoor unit can be hung by screw or velcro fastener, including probe, velcro straps and 6 AAA batteries.
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