Worldwide Vision has a wide range of audio equipment. Are you looking for a daisy player? Worldwide Vision offers you different types and sizes of daisy players. For various accessories for a daisy player and other audio equipment, you are at the right place at Worldwide Vision.

Daisy player

Daisy players have been developed to read a spoken book, magazine or newspaper. The Daisyspeler is a kind of CD player specially designed for the blind, visually impaired, dyslexic and low-literate. In the Daisy player, place a CD, USB stick or SD memory card, which you can then navigate in the book as you can do in a book.

Jump from chapter to chapter, from page to page or paragraph to paragraph. It's all possible with a daisy player. You can also jump into time zones through a Daisy player or use the page search function. Manually create bookmarks is also possible.

There are different types of Daisy players, from larger table models to handy pocket models with just a memory card. The most advanced Daisy player can read text-to-speech synthesized voice, including texts such as TXT, HTML, .DOC and .DOCX documents.

Daisy players work on AC power but can also turn on an battery pack so they are easy to carry. The Daisy player always remembers where you stayed, even if you remove the CD, USB or SD, and will read again where you stopped. In this way, the daisy player is an ideal tool for people with reading impairment or motor restraint, thinking of people who can not beat the pages or stop holding a book.

Audio equipment

In addition to daisy players, Worldwide Vision also offers other audio devices that make everyday operations possible and easy for you. For example, Worldwide Vision offers you various adapters, battery chargers, remote controls and digital recorders. Also AfterShokz headphones are part of the assortment.