A normal alarm clock, alarm clock or watch is not useful when you are blind or sight-seeing. Worldwide Vision therefore offers a wide range of customized watches. From Twemco calendar clocks to braille watches and talking alarms. Worldwide Vision has the right watch for everyone.

Alarm clock

When you are blind or partially sighted, reading a regular alarm is not possible. Therefore, custom alarms have been developed, Worlwide Vision has a wide range of custom alarms. Van Twemco alarm clocks with valcifers and Quartz alarm clocks with clear dial that can be used by visually impaired alarms with Senseworks voice function.

Twemco clocks

In addition to alarm clocks, we also provide you with clear calendar clocks from Twemco. These Twemco clocks are the most commonly used clocks in the (elderly) care. The Twemco clocks show clearly the day and date, the clock also has a large and clear dial, making reading time easier. Worldwide Vision offers several models of Twemco clocks

Custom watches

Worldwide Vision offers a wide range of watches for the blind and visually impaired. Our range of watches consists of visually impaired watches with black or white digits on a white or black dial and a collection of braille watches for the blind. The talking watches of the SenseWorks brand have both an analog and digital pronunciation and some other talking watches can speak the day and date