Comfort products

Besides daisy players, running lights and keysticks, Worlwide Vision also offers various products that are not necessarily adapted for visually impaired, yet convenient to use in home or household, or for personal comfort. Products such as boilers, Lock-Aid and doorbell amplifiers are included in our range.

Lock aid

Having trouble opening or finding a lock? LockAid facilitates finding the keyhole and helps you open your lock. The cylinder shape makes it easier to open, making it a useful tool for people with visual impairment or reduced motor skills. When using the LockAid, you also need less power to open the lock.

Because the LockAid is made of plastic, you can easily confirm it. The plastic also protects your door fitting from scratches. The LockAid is available in black, gray, white and red.

Make everyday life easier

In addition to the LockAid, Worldwide Vision also has several other products in the assortment that can support you in daily operations. The range of comfort products includes egg cookers, cregg, bottle stopper, personal alarm, doorbell amplifier and yoga CD / DVD.