When you are blind-sighted, blind or older, you may need some help in order to communicate well. Worldwide Vision provides various communication tools to make it easier for you. Think of big keyboards, senior phones or braille writers.

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Communication Tools

At you will find various tools that facilitate daily communication. Are you sight seeing? A big button phone may help you stay in touch with friends and acquaintances. Are you blind and would you like to put your thoughts on paper? The wide range of braille writers in our webshop can then be a success for you.


Do you communicate with braille? offers all kinds of tools that support you in braille, reading, writing and typing. Braille writing machines make part of the wide Worldwide Vision range. In addition to braille writing machines, we also have English-speaking braille printers in our range. Rather write braille instead of typing? Worldwide Vision has also included reglettes, puncture and correction pins and lettering in the assortment. Of course, braille paper is also missing.

Reading devices

With Worldwide Vision readers, you can easily read books, attachments and other texts. In addition to Dutch, our reading devices also contain several other languages. In addition to reading text once, you can also save the texts to the built-in hard disk, so you can listen to the texts a lot more times.


For many people, it's not easy to work with a regular phone. For example, the keys may be too small or too unclear. Worlwide Vision therefore offers phones specifically for blind, partially sighted, seniors and anyone who would like a clearer device. Desk phones and cordless phones are part of the assortment. Looking for a mobile phone, also mobile phones with clear, large keys are part of our range. In this way we offer something for everyone.