Domestic aids

To prepare delicious food and food are business we come into contact every day. In order to make it easy for you to cook independently and do housework, Worldwide Vision has a wide range of custom products that can help. From customized scales up to liquid level indicators and label readers. With these products, everyday life is also made easier in these areas.

Cooking aids

Cooking is a challenge, but if you are blind or insane, this may be an additional challenge. For example, when preparing a meal, there are many things to do, from groceries to searching for recipes and cutting vegetables and fruit. The Worldwide Vision range of cooking tools can make this easier.


When you are blind or partially sighted, it is not possible to read a cooker in the meantime. This can be tricky when looking at the convenience of, for example, a dish in the oven at any given moment. To fully utilize the functions of a cooker, Worldwide Vision offers you various custom cooking alarms. The range consists of alarms with point indication, but digital alarms with an extra large digital display are also part of the range.


The Worldwide Vision adjusted scales make weighing easy. Whether weighing rice or flour or to weigh people, Worldwide Vision offers a wide range of custom weighing scales. Our balances are distinguished by the fact that they have a voice function. This results in the result not only on a display but also pronounced. The flat kitchen scales are suitable for ingredients, solid or liquid substances and weighs 1 gram accurately, the person scales weigh 100 grams accurately and can be performed with a memory function.

Liquid level indicator

Giving a glass can cause problems when you are blind or sight-seeing. Our liquid level indicators are useful as a tool for pouring a glass, mug or bowl. When the glass is almost full, let them hear a sound signal, so you know you should stop donating. Worldwide Vision even offers you a fluid level indicator that lets you adjust the level.