1. EasyReader automatic reading system. PDF files

  2. Braille labeler made of synthetic. Word files:150104.doc

  3. Index Everest-D V5 Dutch talking braille embosser for school or office use. PDF files

  4. Index Basic-D V5 Dutch talking, portable braille embosser for private, school and office use. PDF files

  5. Perkins Unimanual mechanical brailler for single hand use Word files:100310.doc

  6. Blista Standard mechanical shortHand brailler Word files:100103.doc

  7. Orion Webbox3 online Dutch talking MULTIMEDIA player. Word files:901051.doc

  8. Software Agenda for Milestone 312 Word files:900882.doc900882I.doc

  9. Software FM Tuner for milestone 312 Word files:900880I.doc

  10. Colour/lightdetector Fame to put on Milestones 212 en 312 Word files:900875.doc

  11. Daisy/text/music- and memorecorder Milestone 312 ACE Basic with internal memory and SD-memory card. PDF files
    Word files:900870I.doc

  12. Daisy/text/music- and memorecorder Milestone 212 chip- and SD-memory card PDF files

  13. Download/Daisy/text/music- and memorecorder Victor Reader Stream2 SD-memory card system. Word files:900820.docx900820I.doc

  14. Daisyplayer Victor Reader Stratus 4, CD-system with easy operation Word files:900620.doc

  15. Memo-recorder Milestone 112 ACE with 2.5 Gb internal memory. PDF files

  16. SenseWorks Scrabble-XL for the blind and the partially sighted, board dimensions 60 x 60 cm. Word files:760178.doc

  17. SenseWorks Scrabble-XL for the partially sighted, board dimensions 60 x 60 cm. Word files:760177.doc

  18. Keep your hair on, super jumbo, wooden game Word files:760156.doc

  19. DianaTalks Prime Large, 10 languages of which Dutch talking 12/24 hour gent's watch with analogue white face. Word files:690180.doc
  20. Dutch talking rectangular watch with professional voice, colour silver. Word files:690125.doc
  21. Dutch talking round watch with professional voice, colour black. Word files:690105.doc
  22. Twemco QD-35 calendar clock for the partially sighted with digital, white falling figures and date indication. Word files:618905.doc

  23. Keychain/travelling clock SenseWorks Dutch talking with 24 and 12 hour clock, professional voice. Word files:610301.doc
  24. Alarm clock Easyvox Combi, analogue and digital Dutch talking. Word files:610190.doc
  25. Alarm clock SenseWorks Dutch talking with 24 and 12 hour clock, professional voice. Word files:610105.doc
  26. Marking-paste Tulip Slick colour white Word files:590207.doc

  27. Marking-paste Tulip Slick colour black. Word files:590206.doc

  28. Marking-paste Tulip Slick colour orange. Word files:590205.doc

  29. Liquid level indicator Sensa with sound signals for measuring two levels Word files:551005.doc

  30. PennyTALKS 2 digital, 18 languages of which Dutch talking label reader, colour black. Word files:550202.doc
  31. Colour detector Cobolt Speechmaster, Dutch talking distinguishes colour nuances in light, dark, very light and very dark Word files:550115.doc
  32. Colour and light detector Colorino, Dutch talking distinguishes 100 colour nuances Word files:550110.doc
  33. Colour, contrast and light detector, Color Star Dutch talking, distinguishes 1000 different colour nuances. Word files:550105.doc
  34. Bathroom scale Medisana Dutch/German/French/Spanish talking. Word files:540550.doc
  35. Bathroom scale Happy Day Dutch talking with a measuring capacity from 100 grams up to 200 kg Word files:540535.doc
  36. Kitchen/diet and liquid scale Vivienne, Dutch talking with a weighing capacity from 1 up to 5000 grams Word files:540140.doc
  37. Kitchen/diet scale Heidi Dutch talking with a weighing capacity from 1 up to 5000 grams Word files:540135.doc
  38. Combi microwave Cobolt with convenction oven and grill, English talking Word files:517525.doc
  39. Cobolt microwave, English talking 800 Watt Word files:517501.doc
  40. Count down timer, English talking for 23 hours and 59 minutes. Word files:500112.doc
  41. Spring rule Tape King of 5 meter length, Dutch talking. Word files:350135.doc
  42. Cubarhythm, calculating-board with 100 braille-marked plastic cubes Word files:349902_Eng.doc

  43. Calculator DoubleCheck XL Voice with very versatile calculating functions Word files:340217.doc
  44. Calculator DoubleCheck Dutch talking with very extensive calculating functions Word files:340116.doc
  45. Scientific calculator Platon Dutch talking Word files:340105.doc