1. DianaTalks Prime Touch Black Small, multi language talking unisex watch with operation by touchscreen . Word files:690185.doc

  2. Multifunctional thermometer MyDegrees, wireless Dutch talking for indoor, outdoor and kitchen. Word files:360125.docx

  3. Fysic FX-3950 Dutch talking alarm phone. PDF files

  4. Topic big button phone with black buttons and 3 direct memories PDF files

  5. EasyReader automatic reading system.
    PDF files

  6. Sensotec Reporter Smart 2.1 automatic reading system Word files:237510.doc

  7. Braille labeler synthetic Word files:150104.doc

  8. Index Basic-D V5 Dutch talking, portable braille embosser for private, school and office use.

  9. Index Everest-D V5 Dutch talking braille embosser for school or office use. PDF files

  10. Perkins Standard LT mechanical brailler.

  11. Blista Standard mechanical shortHand brailler

  12. Perkins Unimanual mechanical brailler for single hand use

  13. Keyfinder with beep signal to help finding back your keys and other products.

  14. Compass Columbus Engkish/Spanish talking Word files:099903.doc
  15. Headphones AfterShokz TREKZ AIR Titanium, bluetooth model with bone conduction.

  16. Orion Webbox3 online Dutch talking MULTIMEDIA player. Klik hier voor hoe-werkt-het
    Klik hier voor programma-aanbod
    Word files:901051.doc

  17. Daisy/text/music- and memorecorder Milestone 212 chip- and SD-memory card Download hier de laatste software update
    PDF files

  18. Colour/lightdetector Fame to put on Milestones 212 en 312 Word files:900875.doc

  19. Software Agenda for Milestone 312 Word files:900882.doc900882I.doc

  20. Daisy/text/music- and memorecorder Milestone 312 ACE Basic with internal memory and SD-memory card. Download hier de laatste software update
    PDF files
    Word files:900870I.doc

  21. Software FM Tuner for milestone 312 Word files:900880I.doc

  22. Stream/download/Daisy/text/music- and memorecorder Plextalk Linio Pocket 8 Gb internal memory and SDHC-memory card system. Download hier de laatste software update
    Word files:900803.doc

  23. Download/Daisy/text/music- and memorecorder Victor Reader Stream2 SD-memory card system. Download hier de laatste software update
    Word files:900820.docx900820I.doc

  24. Daisy/text/music- and memorecorder Plextalk PTP1, SD-memory card system. Download hier de laatste software update
    Word files:900801I.doc900801.doc

  25. Daisyplayer Victor Reader Stratus 12, CD-system with efficient navigation Download hier de laatste software update
    Word files:900625.doc

  26. Daisyplayer Victor Reader Stratus 4, CD-system with easy operation Download hier de laatste software update
    Word files:900620.doc

  27. Stream/download/text and Daisyplayer Plextalk Linio. Download hier de laatste software update
    Word files:900605.doc

  28. Daisy/tekstplayer Plextalk PTN2 portable CD/CD-R/CD-RW/SD/USB-system for Daisy/audio books and TXT/HTML documents Download hier de laatste software update
    Word files:900601.doc

  29. Memo-recorder Milestone 112 ACE with 2.5 Gb internal memory. Download hier de laatste software update
    PDF files

  30. Cassette player Easiplay Toaster, mono-player, very simpel operation Word files:900102.doc

  31. SenseWorks Scrabble-XL for the partially sighted, board dimensions 60 x 60 cm. Word files:760177.doc

  32. Solitaire, wooden game with wooden marbles Word files:770112.doc

  33. Keep your hair on, super jumbo, wooden game Word files:760156.doc

  34. SenseWorks Scrabble-XL for the blind and the partially sighted, board dimensions 60 x 60 cm. Word files:760178.doc

  35. Keep your hair on, wooden game Word files:760155.doc

  36. Cardiosport heartbeat gauge, English speaking, announces every 20 seconds the average heartbeat Word files:749801.doc

  37. Volleyball made of foam, gives an interupted beep signal, weight 405 grams, diameter 21 cm
  38. English talking unisex synthetic watch, radio controlled with white face Word files:691510.doc
  39. English talking synthetic watch, round model Word files:691513.doc
  40. Dutch talking rectangular watch with professional voice, colour silver. Word files:690125.doc
  41. DianaTalks Prime Large, multi language including Dutch talking 12/24 hour gent's watch with analogue white face. Word files:690180.doc
  42. Dutch talking round watch with professional voice, colour black. Word files:690105.doc
  43. Alarm clock Easyvox Combi, analogue and digital Dutch talking. Word files:610190.doc
  44. Twemco QD-35 calendar clock for the partially sighted with digital, white falling figures and date indication. Word files:618905.doc

  45. MyTime multi language including Dutch talking 12/24 hour clock.
  46. Keychain/travelling clock SenseWorks Dutch talking with 24 and 12 hour clock, professional voice. Word files:610301.doc
  47. Alarm clock SenseWorks Dutch talking with 24 and 12 hour clock, professional voice. Word files:610105.doc
  48. Marking-paste Tulip Slick colour black. Word files:590206.doc

  49. Marking-paste Spot 'n Line colour fluorising orange. Word files:590205.doc

  50. Marking-paste Tulip Slick colour white Word files:590207.doc

  51. Liquid level indicator Sensa with sound signals for measuring two levels Word files:551005.doc

  52. Liquid level indicator with sound signals and vibrations Word files:551001.doc

  53. PennyTALKS digital 6 languages of which Dutch talking label reader, colour black. Word files:550202.doc
  54. Bathroom scale Medisana Dutch/German/French/Spanish talking. Word files:540550.doc
  55. Colour and light detector Colorino, Dutch talking distinguishes 100 colour nuances Word files:550110.doc
  56. Colour, contrast and light detector, Color Star Dutch talking, distinguishes 1000 different colour nuances. Word files:550105.doc
  57. Colour detector Cobolt Speechmaster, Dutch talking distinguishes colour nuances in light, dark, very light and very dark Word files:550115.doc
  58. Kitchen/diet and liquid scale Vivienne, Dutch talking with a weighing capacity from 1 up to 5000 grams Word files:540140.doc
  59. Kitchen/diet scale Heidi Dutch talking with a weighing capacity from 1 up to 5000 grams Word files:540135.doc
  60. Bathroom scale Happy Day Dutch talking with a measuring capacity from 100 grams up to 200 kg Word files:540535.doc
  61. Cobolt microwave, English talking 800 Watt Word files:517501.doc
  62. Measuring-jug of 1 litre, Dutch talking with a precision in ml, cl, dl or litres Word files:519910.doc
  63. Combi microwave Cobolt with convenction oven and grill, English talking Word files:517525.doc
  64. SensoCard Plus compact Dutch and English talking blood sugar meter.
  65. Thermometer with clock, English speaking, for indoors and outdoors Word files:360130.doc
  66. Spring rule Tape King of 5 meter length, Dutch talking. Word files:350135.doc
  67. Calculator DoubleCheck Dutch talking with very extensive calculating functions Word files:340116.doc
  68. Cubarhythm, calculating-board with 100 braille-marked plastic cubes Word files:349902_Eng.doc

  69. Calculator DoubleCheck XL Voice with very versatile calculating functions Word files:340217.doc
  70. Scientific calculator Platon Dutch talking Word files:340105.doc
  71. TV screen magnifier CTT-37A2 for TV's/computers with screen size of 66 up to 73 cm diagonal. Word files:260104.doc

  72. TV screen magnifier CTT-22A2 for TV's/computers with screen size from 33 up to 36 cm diagonal. Word files:260101.doc

  73. Fysic FD-35 to amplify your telephone ring. Word files:247790.doc