Even when you're blind or blind, you want to keep drawing and counting. To make this easier, Worldwide Vision has all kinds of tools in the range that make these activities easier for you.
Worldwide Vision's range includes reading and working standards, calculators and many other tools.

Reading Standards

Reading standards help to make reading easier. Worldwide Vision has reading standards in different sizes. From simple reading standards to reading standards with sheets that can be placed in different positions.

Drawing tools

Worldwide Vision offers a wide range of signs for visually impaired and blind people. These signs are used in mathematical calculations and drawing lessons. Worldwide Vision's assortment consists of reliefs, a chart and a TactiPad drawing folder ...


A regular calculator is often not very user-friendly for blind and partially sighted people. That's why Worldwide Vision offers calculators with large controls and display and voice recognition calculators. This way, even if you are blind or partially sighted, you can continue to use the calculator's features.