Leisure time

Sports and games are fun and important for young and old. Worldwide Vision offers various custom sports and gaming materials that you can use alone or in a team. Are you looking for a rink ball or customized playing cards with braille or enlarged numbers and letters? Worldwide Vision has various materials in the assortment.

Ripple ball

A ripple ball is a ball in which a bell is sitting. Due to the clear sound that makes the rink ball it is clear where the ball is located and a rink ball is perfect for use by athletes with visual impairment. Of course, a rink ball can also be used by athletes without visual impairment, the ripple ball gives an extra dimension to all kinds of sports and spells.

Games for the blind and visually impaired

For blind and partially sighted people, it is also possible to play company games. That's why we offer many games for the blind and visually impaired.

Card games are the most played games in the world, therefore Worldwide Vision offers various playing cards for blind and partially sighted. Our collection of playing cards consists of playing cards with braille indications or large-scale playing cards and letters and cards with a contrasting background for visually impaired and seniors.

Our range of company games makes it very easy for blind and visually impaired to play well-known board games. For example, we offer company games like human-worse-not-so-so and scrabble. All our board games feature extra large symbols, clear color contrasts and tactile symbols. For example, blind and partially sighted people can play very easily with these board games.