Low vision

When reading texts is difficult for you, there are all kinds of tools that you can support. Worldwide Vision offers a wide range of loops. Also included are mirrors, lamps, running lamps and spectacles in our range.

Lamps and magnifying lamps

Looking for a high-quality desk lamp? Worldwide Vision offers a wide range of desk lamps from the brands Waldmann, Schweizer, Eschenbach and Daylight. The lamps of these brands are available in different models and in various price ranges. In addition to desk lamps, Worldwide Vision also offers you a wide range of magnifying lamps from the Waldmann, Luxo and Daylight brands. Magnifying lamps provide both lighting and an enlargement. A magnifying lamp can therefore be an excellent tool for the visually impaired and seniors.

Screen magnifiers

Are you visually impaired or is your vision deteriorating and can you use support? Worldwide Vision offers a wide range of magnifiers. A hand magnifier makes reading a lot easier. Handlovers are available in various types and sizes, such as fishing vessels, large-scale barges, magnifiers with lighting and stand-on barges. Due to the diversity of enlargements of our hand magnifiers, there is always a magnifying glass that suits you. In addition to regular loupes, Worldwide Vision also offers you a wide range of various electronic handhelds. electronic hand magnifiers are handy to carry and offer the possibility to enlarge very small written text up to 20 times in addition, the contrast is easily adaptable, making an electronic hand magnifier very suitable for various target groups.

Besides loupes, we also have reading lines in the range. Reading rulers are handy and help to enlarge texts. A reading ruler is not only a good tool for visually impaired people, it can also serve as a tool to increase concentration during reading and to make reading easier. This makes a reading rule an excellent tool for dyslexia.


Protecting your eyes in bright sunlight is very important. Worlwide Vision likes to contribute to the protection of your eyes, which is why we offer a wide range of (sun) glasses from various brands. Sunglasses from the brand Improvision are part of our range, these glasses are made of a black polymer frame and light-reducing polymer glasses, these glasses protect you 100% against UV-a, b and c rays. With a Improvision solar or cantilever glasses, you can leave with peace of mind when the sun is shining.

In addition to sun and filter glasses from the improvision brand, Worldwide Vision also offers eyewear from the brands Noir and Eschenbach. Noir UV sun and filter glasses filter various types of UV rays and let only partial light through. The Noir Spectra sun and side filter glasses and the Eschenbach sun and side filter glasses are excellent sunglasses for the visually impaired and people who are sensitive to light. In addition, we have various solar filter front hangers and rear hangers. These solar filters have been specially developed for visually impaired people. The filters filter a lot of light without losing the contrast. Some people even think that the contrast improves!