Medical aids

Medical tools are often complicated enough, let alone when you are blind or insane. For example, a common thermometer or blood glucose meter often has small displays that are difficult to read. Even when taking various medicines, the overview is quickly searched. That's why we have a wide range of medical devices for visually impaired, blind and seniors.

Blood glucose meters

For diabetics it is important to measure the blood sugar level regularly. If you are a diabetic and also have a visual impairment this may be difficult. Worldwide Vision offers you a customized blood glucose meter, the SensoCard Plus. The SensoCard Plus is a compact and modern Dutch and English speaking blood sugar meter with large digital display and easy operation. The glucose content is after about 5 sec. pronounced and 500 measurements can be stored including date and time, so you can easily remember your blood sugar level.

Chest thermometers and blood pressure gauges

In addition to blood glucose meters, Worldwide Vision also has fever thermometers in the assortment. Our cold-thermometer with English speaking speech function makes it easier for blind and partially sighted people to measure their temperature. Our range of blood pressure gauges for seniors, visually impaired and blind people consists of Dutch and multilingual blood pressure gauges with Jumbo displays, which also makes measuring your blood pressure easier.