Increase your mobility with tools like a keystick, recognition stick or support stick.
Worldwide Vision has a wide range of tools. This way you easily find the touch pad, recognition stick or support stick to your liking.

Increase your mobility

With a visual impairment, you want to be as independent and mobile as possible. Fortunately, there are all kinds of tools that you can help. Worldwide Vision has been providing tools for visually impaired people for many years, as well as mobility tools included in the Worldwide Vision range. With these tools, you make it possible for you to move independently and mobile.

Recognition stick

If you are visually impaired, it may be useful to use a recognition stick. By using a recognition stick, people can see that you are insane and take into account where necessary. Recognition sticks are in all kinds and sizes. The Worldwide Vision recognition bars can be folded into four or five parts so you can fold them easily when you do not need it. Worldwide Vision also has telescopic recognition sticks in its assortment, this telescopic recognition stick consists of eight parts and is slid for easy handling. All folding recognition bars are provided with reflective tape so that you are well visible


A keystick is something other than a recognition stick, with a key stick it is not only clear that you are visually restricted, you can also move more independently through traffic and obstacles. By means of sticks, you can safely move with the so-called tik or sweeping technique by exploring traffic and the environment in a safe way. Worlwide Vision offers both folding, non-folding and telescopic sticks, many of the telescopic sticks in the assortment are also adjustable in height.

Brackets and rollators

In addition to identification sticks and keysticks, Worldwide Vision also offers you a wide range of support rods and rollators. Are you bad at work? Worldwide Vision supports and rollators support walking and you are visually limited to take this into consideration when needed. Worldwide Vision has both folding and adjustable support brackets in the assortment. The white rollators in the assortment are just like the support bars with red reflective strips.